Jungle Walking & Polo

The most renowned sport played in Nepal is the Elephant Polo.UniqueAdd Image in its texture, Elephant Polo turnament is played in Chitwan every two year. Where 100 of people flock in to witness the game. Chitwan has already been offering a varieties of activities for tourists which varies from Jungle Walk, Nature Walk, Jungle Safari, Elephants Ride and others. Chitwan National Park offers a life time eperience to see rare one-homed Rhinos, wild animals such as Bears, Bengal Tigers, Deer, Wild Boars and more than 500 species a birds. The park is also the largest wild life reserve in Nepal. Jungle Safari in Chitwan; Elephant Polo, Tiger Tops, deer, Black Buck, One Horn Rhino and many more: Holiday Destination in Nepal an adventure trek, drive, travel, and risk taking. Napping along the Riverside Resort. Any type of Feedback/comments/suggestions like before is heartily welcome. The beginning photos show Cancer Hospital(BP memorial) where I took human operated/pedaled rickshaw to reach not liking the tempo, autorickshaw, or bus. The Chitwan national park Sauraha Tiger Tops Adventure travel tourism promotion center said last elephant not available after 3:10 PM so we needed to stay in a machan or any resort lodge or hotel and take 6:30 AM one as the time was already 4:30 PM. I could not do that. I had to go to office the next day as I had not taken leave. I pleaded to the Driver of the 4 wheel drive 4WD vehicle Vikki Chaudhary to anyhow manage the elephant ride on that time and said I was ready to pay extra sum if any. He said that he will arrange. After some deals we were taken to a place 15 minutes away which would cost 300 Rs more. We got into the wooden native boat and after crossing the river found our dear elephant waiting for us which had completed 10 trips on that day and was resting. We had other two teams accompanying into the Jungle as darkness crept into trees. We saw Black Buck One horn Rhinos, deers and some fast moving animals which could not be captured in photograph. Next, there was a trip to riverside. The place was really serene and cool. It was like a beach.

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