नेपाल इन राफ्टिंग इंजॉय:
Few rafting rivers in the world can match the thundering course of the rivers of Nepal originating from the snow meltdown of the Himalayan terrain. The rivers gush through the twisted canyons, winding through calm valleys where small settlements are perched on the banks, taming out only as they spill out into the Indian plains to merge with the Ganges. A river-trip is one of the best ways to explore the typical cross-section of the country's natural as well as the ethno-culture heritage with massive doses of adrenaline buzz on our world-class white-water thrills. An extreme sport popular in Europe, canyoing is now available in Nepal. It involves abseiling, jumping, sliding, climbing along waterfalls and steep cliffs to deep pools, giving the canyoneer the freedom to explore beautiful under-water landscape.


Nepal is the ultimate destination for the trekking enthusiast offering a myriad of possibilities from the short and easy to the demanding challenges of the snowy peaks. Easy moderate or rigorous -there is something for every one. Nepal has aptly been called " A Treakkers' Paradise" as her terrain - mountain, hills and the Tarai- offer some of thje most spectacular trekking routes in the world. The immense contrasts in altitudes and climates found here support an equally spectacular mix of lifestyle, vegetation and wildlife.In Nepal pinnacles pof the Himalayan adventure and charming villages inhabited diverse ethnic groups.
Conquering invincible snow-capped peaks and eroded stubborn hills is a quest an explorer yearns to accomplish in his lifetime. It’s not just the sky-embracing mountains and varied ethnic diversities that make Nepal the ultimate destination for trekkers and travelers but also the diverse flora and fauna lures tourists from around the globe to this Himalayan kingdom. Likewise, walking past the remote trails that meander through enthralling river banks, breathtaking panorama and cascading waterfalls is certainly an enriching experience. Thus, we at HIGHLANDER make sure that you experience the grandeur of cultural and natural traits of Nepal with ease, making your stay in Nepal a memorable one.
If spectator sports are not for you, then why not join us on an adventure treks. As one of the leading trek operators in the region, we can promise you the thrills of adventure in the high pass combined with the highest levels of safety and professionalism.


Climbing on Rock
For the more adventurous traveler, there are 18 minor peaks open for Alpine climbing under Nepal Mountaineering Association. The climbing of these peaks is controlled under the rules & regulations formulated by this Association. Detailed information & application for climbing permits are available from the Association’s Office or contact your trekking Agency in Kathmandu who have member of Nepal Mountaineering Association. It should be noted that in most cases the climbing of these minor peaks (Trekking Peaks) required snow and Ice climbing experience. For the permit you should apply for the permit through the trekking agency & you should have climbing guide otherwise permit is not issued. Trekking agency provide qualified & trained climbing guides to take non climbers for convenience, safety & expected successes. By Himalayan standards these are considered minor peaks, but in fact some of them provide relatively challenging snow and Ice climbing of high standard, & more so in Winter. The royalty for these peaks ranges from 150.00 US$ to 300.00 US$ depending on the particular peak for up to 10 member climbing team. Climbing Every year, we assist to our expedition team climbing to the Himalayan peak is the height high of the world that we offer to our patrons . For climb the peak you do not have previous experience however the climbing team need to be prepare mentally as well as physically for the adventurous expeditions.. All mountaineering trips are run with professional mountain Guides & Sherpas. We provide handsome services for our patrons and make your trek is so simple and easiest one. Monterosa Treks will take care of you. While you are in Nepal to enjoy trekking your self. Support of any kind of trekking peak & obtaining permission, providing support staffs including high altitude climbing assistants & porters. Cook. Please write to us of your requirements & we shall for ward to you more details with tentative trekking peak cost.

Jungle Walking & Polo

The most renowned sport played in Nepal is the Elephant Polo.UniqueAdd Image in its texture, Elephant Polo turnament is played in Chitwan every two year. Where 100 of people flock in to witness the game. Chitwan has already been offering a varieties of activities for tourists which varies from Jungle Walk, Nature Walk, Jungle Safari, Elephants Ride and others. Chitwan National Park offers a life time eperience to see rare one-homed Rhinos, wild animals such as Bears, Bengal Tigers, Deer, Wild Boars and more than 500 species a birds. The park is also the largest wild life reserve in Nepal. Jungle Safari in Chitwan; Elephant Polo, Tiger Tops, deer, Black Buck, One Horn Rhino and many more: Holiday Destination in Nepal an adventure trek, drive, travel, and risk taking. Napping along the Riverside Resort. Any type of Feedback/comments/suggestions like before is heartily welcome. The beginning photos show Cancer Hospital(BP memorial) where I took human operated/pedaled rickshaw to reach not liking the tempo, autorickshaw, or bus. The Chitwan national park Sauraha Tiger Tops Adventure travel tourism promotion center said last elephant not available after 3:10 PM so we needed to stay in a machan or any resort lodge or hotel and take 6:30 AM one as the time was already 4:30 PM. I could not do that. I had to go to office the next day as I had not taken leave. I pleaded to the Driver of the 4 wheel drive 4WD vehicle Vikki Chaudhary to anyhow manage the elephant ride on that time and said I was ready to pay extra sum if any. He said that he will arrange. After some deals we were taken to a place 15 minutes away which would cost 300 Rs more. We got into the wooden native boat and after crossing the river found our dear elephant waiting for us which had completed 10 trips on that day and was resting. We had other two teams accompanying into the Jungle as darkness crept into trees. We saw Black Buck One horn Rhinos, deers and some fast moving animals which could not be captured in photograph. Next, there was a trip to riverside. The place was really serene and cool. It was like a beach.


The history of paragliding in Nepal is not long but it is emerging as one of the fastest growing sports in Nepal due to suitable weather and best location carry out. Paragliding in Nepal is a wonderful experince to enjoy scenic beauty of terrace fields and breath taking white Himalayan ranges. Pokhara, the lake city of Nepal provides endless popportunities for fishing,swimming, canoeing and boating along Phewa Lake. Air sport options like paragliding and flying in ultralight airplanes to see the spectacular views are also available in Pokhara. It was established in 2007 and is registered at The Company Registrar’s office with The Nepalese Government. Sarangkot Paragliding is owned and operated by Nepalese nationals and certified by Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal.Our goal is to offer a professional tandem paragliding service, as well as training of new pilots, to promote paragliding as a major adventure activity in Nepal. The main office is located at Gothadi Sarangkot-8 on Sarangkot Mountain, the branch office is at Khahare Lakeside, on the main street in Lakeside, Pokhara. Sarangkot Paragliding’s team consists of Nepalese management and office staff and Nepalese and international pilots, each internationally certified. Our company is insured by a third party insurance from Himalayan General Insurance Company. Sarangkot Paragliding provides tandem flights from our designated launch site on Sarangkot Mountain ( 1500 meters above sea level ) with the landing zones at the Lakeside, with complimentary pick-ups/drop-offs at passenger’s location. We are committed to providing the highest quality service, with no compromise to the safety of our clients.

Bungy Jumping

The ultimate thrill of a bungy jump can now be exprienced in Nepal. The first of its kind, Bungy Nepal is situated in Bhote Koshi at the height of 160m. The bungy jump in Nepal is considered best due to its natural ambience and high ridges. The jump is done from an artificial bridge specially constructed to carry out the activity and done in care of specially trained jump masters.
Bungy Jump Ultimate Bungy at The Last Resort in Nepal may be the most spectacular Bungy Jump on the Planet. This remarkable 500ft (160m) drop into the Bhoti Kosi River gorge on the Nepal/Tibet border is the longest Free-fall in the world. Designed, constructed and operated by very experienced Kiwis to exacting international standards your safety is guaranteed. It is Nepal's Ultimate Rush.Located a 3 hr drive from Kathmandu and 100km northeast to within 12km of the Tibet border, there is a 166m wide steel suspension bridge over the Bhoti Kosi River gorge and at an of altitude 3600 feet, which is 600 feet lower than Kathmandu. The Bridge: Swiss designed, especially for bungy jumping with a 4x safety factor, the bridge has a loading factor of 41,500kg or 4.5 tones. And those are Swiss measurements! Bungy Jump Combo Package Day1: Drive to Last Resort (Ultimate Bungy Sport) After arrival briefing and preparing for Bungy and after the jump rest and overnight at Last Resort or drive back to Kathamndu. This is the short day trip to Bungy in Nepal. If you have enough time then you can plan ahead as given below.Day2: After breakfast beautiful canyoning trip to The Bhote Kosi River cliff. This is also one of the most exciting adventure trip combining with Byungy.Day3: True adrenaline rafting trip on Bhote Koshi River for every adventure lover can enjoy its many challenging rapids and overnight camp.Day4: After breakfast continue rafting again and after that drive to Kathmandu.Above package program departures everyday from Kathamndu office. For details please make an inquiry to us or book this trip now.